What is BDG?

BDG is an acronym for Business Development Group. A likeminded networking group for Black professionals. In the fall of 2017, we started meeting in coffee shops every week to discuss a variety of topics related to our respective businesses, companies we represented, and topics related to the communities we served. As we evolved as individuals and as a group, networking for your business, companies, causes, and communities vary. There is no perfect or one way to network. At BDG we offer you the opportunity to meet online or in person, to ask or share referrals, spotlight your business, and or provide the group with relevant industry knowledge that helps elevate and sharpen the group.

As the founder of BDG, here are my thoughts on what likeminded professionals are.

  • We are P.R.I.D.E.,
    • Passionate about what we do and the communities we serve.
    • Resilient, as life is full of challenges and we must move forward.
    • Independent in thinking, as we listen to both sides before deciding.
    • Driven, this internal drive is rare, but necessary to excel at an elevated level.
    • Entrepreneur, whether it is in spirit or in practice, we always look to solve problems.
  • We are L.I.F.E., offering lessons in financial empowerment
  • We are C.U.B.E, a commercial universal business ecosystem
  • We are Real Estate Investing
  • We are Mentors for the next generation.

In closing, BDG is a platform that works when people take part in reciprocity, respect the process of know, like, and trust your referral partners, and collaborate whenever possible. As your network may determine your net worth.

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